Life snippets 16

when coaching
It may be wise
to tone
down the
Sarcasm and Scorn
One will
remember that
but the recipient
does not have
the Intelligence
To know
how deep
I meant to cut
the Supervisor does
learns that
male And female
devices, are to be used!
Back to a childhood
of French
But at least
one does not
with French


3 thoughts on “Life snippets 16”

  1. I have a sarcastic sense of humor but my delivery can be so deadpan people can’t tell I am teasing and then when I am perfectly serious I sound sarcastic I really need to sort that out! I am not sure that you participate in prompts but you are always welcome to at my blog if you like =)

    1. Yes I sometime have dead pan delivery 😀 I do a few prompts but time is a bit of a problem at the mo

      1. Feel free to jump in whenever you have the time and if you want to respond to older/missed prompt just post it the most recent prompt (that way everyone will see it) and specify which one you are responding to so they will know. My group is quite small as its new and on my personal site.

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