The Infection

It is the pain
the tongue reminds itself
when probing again,
a duty, which it knows is wrong
but it is compelled

The pain makes
a cycle of a drug
infused mist over

Better to be doped
than aware of the acute
nature of brokenness

draining sleep
face like a Elvis
version of itself
10lbs illusion of gain
Still waiting
then a jump as a
rubber clad hand
presses the part
the tongue know

Well at least my language stayed un blue
even if the colour on my
inner skull

being codeine doped
is a lesson
for later

Damn the tongue that
never will be taught




Sorry peeps been dazed and resting on a gum infection fulled codeine zombie session. 😦

On the plus side if there was ever one been catching up on netflix movies πŸ™‚



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