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When the majority stand up…

You know in every way

that the world is wrong
fractured sense, that’s
what you’ve voted on

The minorities are
a shouting, but still
even the majority
of the minority
forget too soon

This is why war
goes on, injustice
is never addressed
even now in the
twenty first

But when the majority stands up…

…the minority reversed
change may occur

But be damned careful
what you wish for
civil violence on this
scale, will change
the world

whether you
are left in it
or you still
cling with death
breath to that
nice warm old chair

But then I won’t see
the majority stand up
in my life time

Will I ?


Jif File :D just a little morning fun

SO sorry to poke fun
But is this to be

a non animated jif file

Jif lemon 450x450_tcm72-304255


But then I could have sworn
It was Graphics Interchange Format
to be pronounced Jif makes
no sense

or should I now
call theses

Gaffa cakes



Should I start changing other things
like the C.A.B, instead of cab
should I now call them

Still a flipping good invention 🙂


inspired by


After years of calling it a Gif file, i’ll not change

Life Snippets 17

One’s own words

When deleting
the Wrong hard drive
one is glad one’s
own words cannot
bite me in the arse


It takes a really
long time to restore
a backup, but
starting from
scratch would be
really really

Living room

We have a living room?
Oh so we do!
or sometimes it is
a language room
where a less reclusive
me, sits and rolls one’s
eyes at a 32 letter
or watches Ireland get


I have watched more
TV and Football
this week, than
the entire year

Who’s there for the Tele


All written in the time of Euro 2012, which is one of the few times I entertain watching football.

Life snippets 16

when coaching
It may be wise
to tone
down the
Sarcasm and Scorn
One will
remember that
but the recipient
does not have
the Intelligence
To know
how deep
I meant to cut
the Supervisor does
learns that
male And female
devices, are to be used!
Back to a childhood
of French
But at least
one does not
with French

New Life Snippet (28)

I applied so much
wood and Bark
to the fire
That is was
that eventually
It would
The sun was shining
but I believe
that it is predicted
that there will be
outbreaks of weather!!!
Last night’s wine
was good
But I still don’t like
the rain, wind
and dampness in general
loud people, tangled string
those little bits of fluff
in my pocket
Oh the White stuff
was good also
Me: Doctor I feel like
a bridge
Doctor: What has come over
Me: A few cars and a literary
outburst it would seem

As these bite sized witty poems seem to be popular I have decided while I finish off the old ones. I will mingle in some new ones 🙂 and see how it goes down –  enjoy

Little Miss Muffet – a little bit of fun

Little Miss Muffet – A Spider’s Vanity

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds and whey,
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her
and this is what he had to say

Spider: “Little Miss Muffet I think you’re photos are rubbish
a new lens is needed to take my portrait”
Muffet: “I think that your right, a new lens required, as you’re awfully blurred”

So off she trots to the 3 pigs camera shop, a new macro lens to buy
a Tamron was purchased on the never never, so it didn’t cost the sky
she was awfully pleased with the shots of the bees
and the frames that she got when down on her knees
were the best she had ever taken
in fact so good her fame she was making

Muffet: “My what big eyes you have, mister spider”
Spider:” All the better to see, that your taking me right”

And the moral of the story is you don’t have to get gory
all that is required is a much better lens, so that you can adore me

Life Snippets 12

Titanic II (yet again)
In the new design revisions
of the Titanic II, due to start
being built in 2013
twenty 25 meter rubber tires
may be included
Just on the off chance
Also twenty ex navy seals
will be part of the staff
to deal with security
and as experts of water
It has been many hours
since I have mentioned
the weather, and I call myself
But there again
I don’t like tea
How is it
that back sides
become attractive
I catch myself
oh that’s a nice
But then
what is her personality