Steve Skeewiff

Yesterday I found a free book from Steve Skeewiff a comic poet called

Someone Stole My Siesmograph

Be warned if you are of a sensitive nature it is very close to the bone poetry/comedy and I am trying out punchlines without jokes on twitter and my Facebook. Mainly because Facebook just annoys me sometimes, its not the people sometimes its just the lack of imagination. I guess it is because there’s that challenge of the status and people put ‘Having cake lol’ What a waste of a good challenge why not put something more interesting like ‘…and that is why the priest didn’t like having his balls rummaged’

I know close to the bone myself, but then there is the second challenge to see if my friend list drops 🙂 Now don’t get me wrong I’m not deliberately going out of my way to be offensive I’m just reacting to the mundane around me the everyday that going to happen anyway so why not have a chuckle about it and write about washing machines or I am glad the dish washer is working for two reasons one I forgot to do the pots and second she has a better body than mine or maybe cos the view to the kitchen, just got a whole lot better (my aren’t I chatty today). I guess the whole Punk ethos got me thinking oh that and my ever increasing mid life crisis (still can’t afford the sports car)

Well its over and out for me


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