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My primal bones feel it
my nostrils consume
it’s a throw back from
the animal, the scavenger
the hunter
the sun knows its history
my bones stretch

Longing to throw off
the modern contamination

you call it spring
I call it

Annual hope


Like Photosynthesis

I stand at the window
watching the
just be
just dance
rise                              fall

but seemly never collide
I hold my breath
each time
a tiny pause
in direction
from left           from right
not falling
but climbing

 letting it back out
                 my breath
as a new direction
                   is gained

Like Photosynthesis
I am                           just
converting             old
bitter                      ness
fortheneedof  living

                 to reflect
that every flake
dances for my
eyes alone

like Photosynthesis
                                  I am