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Social conscience

Social conscience
A well tied oxymoron

Putting the pee


A path of civil war


In the year 1984
with Britain on the verge
of another civil war

miners and police
with no mind or please

The south escaped
the worst of it
but we still got displaced

And with echoes
of a London riot
still taps a fight

how close to 1984
will we now verge
again to a civil war

Most pubs have
been closed
or raised

to the ground
where no one now plays

With pints
of milk that
aren’t delivered

I stay in, drinking
looking for
another paradox stream

The anarchist
who tried to tear
the establishment

are drinking with
the left and the right
sides of it now

1984 1984
are we getting close
to a teenage civil war

when they realize
as they age
there’s no opportunity

None at all, for now


Yesterdays post made me think of this, so still in the vein of John Cooper Clark a punk band


When the people of the country have forgotten how to disagree
And the national economy is said to be OK
And the wages that you get will help you to forget
Will you keep your ideologies or throw them all away?

When the system has you beaten
Even now you haven’t eaten
Cos you can’t afford to eat or drink to keep your brain alive
You blame the system for the weather but carry on as ever
You go to work at half past eight and come back home at five

You can go blue in the face talking about the human race
How they got to outer space but it never stopped the wars
And how the whole of this humanity is based on greed and vanity
The ones who make decisions are the ones who make the laws

But you’re still in this society
So what’s your main priority
Remain in the majority who never really cared?
Or cultivate the hate to annihilate the state
Are you prepared to die for your beliefs or just to dye your hair?

The anarchist, the nihilist but can you prove that you exist
To apopulation who insist you’re just a bunch of fakes
You cannot change the system until you change your own restrictions
Communication and conviction – got to kick until it breaks

Subhumans(UK Punk band) – 1984 from Time Flies… but Aeroplanes Crash