Sand bits


On the shore there are a million
pieces of hope being ground down
this is how entropy works, something big
is reduced over time to something small

Here you will find the imprints
of the passing complexity
While lost wood takes a rest for a mile
before being collected in absent moments

Old socks and coffee pots
wash up mesmerised
you have to add imagination
for this temporary house

But like computing memory, its volatile
removed by the currents sea passing
A billion bits moved and rearranged
the combinations spell infinity

the sand crawls and shifts from this
shore to the bottom of the ocean
where it mixes with diversity
then shifts back given a chance


Never asked for tea, lucky I got coffee

I didn’t want this life that they didn’t give to me
But it came with the string of uncertainty principle
and a can of baked beans, oh and cheese
I wanted girls in thongs who could see the kindly me
But my GPS phone said the next left would be
the changing of me, technology ha didn’t read the small print
I’m such a lucky man redeeming my passion for soup
still on offering tea I always took coffee
well drugs are not for me cept sugar n’ coffee
or a little given tush to give me base n’ ball wood
so I’m talkin crude! Hey what you thought me polite all the time
no I dream of strippers and scones with jam and cream
But I don’t say fuck you, no I say I could redeem your stupidity
on the upwardly mobile thoughts of sensible causality
just cause and effect of butterfly stick rubbin finality
Keep sayin gona dry myself out from yellowstone bellies rubbin
Then I wake up with heavy fluttered eyes and remember the real
the pain of the grown up fashion, where a child would see wonder
just wanted a kiss from a coffee mug and a non narcissistic gal
to prove the tales were wrong, light and gold can be transmuted into beauty
and the realness of bodies find peace of the under the duvet foreplay
sure I’m sliding and scuffing all dues but then let me tell you a whisper
the pillows are sharp and angry when your always alone and weeping

Learning through treacle