Free will?

Sometimes I feel it in my DNA
All country’s we’re conformed
By killers and contortionists
Before the good law
But yet the good law had its fill
Of killers some of them we call Hero’s
Even angels slay their kin
With their perfect excuses
Of the perfect authority
Where all atrocities
Are in the question of the right
To govern and yet there is

The perfect confusion
In our history of freewill

Is it truly even free


Common as a cold

It’s as common as a cold
Said a squirrel to a toad
What does he imply
Said an old magpie
That it is so easy to fall
Inferred a farmer to the call
From what kind of height
Said a jack daw in flight
From a tree standing tall
Said a goat to one and all
But how will we know
Returned a grazing doe

You’ll know you’ll know
Before we all must go

The Midnight Window

One thing you can guarantee about the recently deceased is that they don’t want to be deceased in any way what so ever. So it was for Simon who woke up in the strangest place he had ever been in in his life, or now his afterlife.

The first thing to remember is that the sun doesn’t shine that warm yellow here it is more of a grey yellow, the next thing is that the only difference between sun shine an moon shine is that the sun is slightly brighter. That is how the underworld looks to the long term deceased.

The next thing to learn here is that there are no pearly white gates to greet you, nor is there any judging or any guide book to put you in the picture on how things really work in the underworld. The next thing on the learning curve is the way to heaven or that should heavens is at present permanently shut. Jehovah, Zeus, Odin and all the other deities are at present at war with each other. Ever since the newest realm of Jehovah came about then a massive argument on the merits of entry from the underworld and who should go where and when the end of times should start and even what to call it.

This is the world Simon awoke in after an unfortunate incident with a truck squashing his sports car, after he had hit the car in front of him. He suddenly remembered thinking that the air bags had deployed about a quarter of a second before the truck crushed the back of his Porsche 911 to a third of its size. Then there was darkness followed by a grey yellow light and here he was in the underworld.

One interesting thing to note is that no one looks immediately like they have died as such in the underworld. Everyone pretty much looks quite young or maybe in there early forties. It’s not like those films you see where if you were run over, you get to spend the afterlife with tyre tracks over you.

The fact of the matter is the human mind being completely linked to the spirit heals a lot faster when there is no body attached to it and vanity continues even after the last vestige of life has departed the recently deceased. So the main give away is the very grey palled skin on everyone who enters the underworld.

To be continued.


I have placed youth on the bookshelf
Removing the place marker
Now making noises when I stand
With a rolling pendulum method
My knees tighten to a rumble
Up my spine
That’s how it starts
It’s part of the decline
I am hopeful it will be a slow one
With my eyes still a sparkle
With a little mischief

I’ll remember it yesterday

Brian turned to Sam rising an eyebrow

“That’s the damnedest thing I have ever seen”

Sam knew that it defied belief, a door in the middle of the front room standing on its own
“It’s a door, a door but not just any door but our front door. Every last scratch and dimple identical”

Both stood staring at the replica of their front door, which was standing with a slight glow to it. Brian walked around it, while maintaining a queasy feeling like the one you get on a roller-coaster

“How is it just standing there, I mean I can see that the frame is holding the door. But what is holding the frame”

Said Brian while circling the door, like that would help explain its existence, just as the light around the door increased in brightness and the door itself began to open.

“Feck what do we do now, hand me that cheese knife Sam” winced Brian as the light started to hurt his eyes.

“What use is that going to be against a door?” said Sam as she handed him the knife”

Just as Brain had grasped the knife a man walked through the door dressed in a black leather long coat and matching jeans

To be continued

Quick fire jokes

Man walks into a bar
Man: Can I have a pint
Barman: Can you narrow it down
Man: But then it will be a glass



Man walks into a bar

Barmaid: What are you having?
MK: Hey you and me babe, how about it?
Barmaid: keep that up and you will be in dire straits

I saw four welsh people stood over a silver object, in wonder
they were saying it must have come from outer space, alien technology

I took one look and informed them that it was a weather balloon, I know astounding a day dry enough to fly one!



p.s. just started a new short story so I maybe a bit busy with it till Monday 😀



Looking  through the invisible
to a world with a sturdy frame
temperature is being imported
from the harshest parts
the rain is absent and shiny blue
torments the here and now
as waiting for the warming glow
all bones wish for it most

Artificial means keep the shivers
in containment while eyes blink
grey numbness in perpetual
yearning for living arts return
from the depths of ponds and dead leaves

Clouds forever stumbling with grace
moving fast with Iridescence presence
and a glow with the blanketing motion
a few degrees more would have the skin
asking in almost biological shouting
for the right to be unhidden


This is where the eyes meet the day
when the mind is alone and thoughtful
pondering the wind(ow) that is life

It’s the stories

Rock in water
It’s the stories
of and  towards the past
that alternate between
the human spirit
but always a rendition
that stands on the shoulders
of all that passed before
where very little is new
and clichés are as children
who have grown past the
ingress of wonderment
but the stories still work their way in

where we are most unprotected
where we are removed from the animal

Learning through treacle