Not really about the Awards, more about thanking you

Today’s thanks


Thanks to Geanina Valentina Mihai for this award for my other blog BluePlatypi Photography


I would also like to thank my Goldfish Nonexistent for phasing in and out of reality 😀

I would also like to thank Bill Bailey for all the giggles and this


The Thanks from ye ole days

2011- 2012

Thanks to Another Wandering Soul for these two awards

Go there read her poetry

I would like to Thank Poojycat for this award

In answer to the question I used to compose a lot in my head some get lost but others you get to see as I relate my life to the blogging world. recently it has slowed down as life has rather gotten in the way

Thanking mypenandme for the Reality Blog Award

Thanking Jeremy Nathan Marks for the Silver Quill Blogger Award
it is my honor to serve what thoughts and poetry I can

I would like to thank Blue Girl for awarding me the Super Sweet Blogging Award, I don’t really think I am super sweet but I am very polite well most of the time 🙂

I would like to thank kikischeuer for awarding me for the sunshine award

Kant is to serious for me to come up with anything witty and Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle

I would like to thank poojycat for awarding me with the Liebster Award and for presenting all the Polish poets and poetry on her site, well worth a read. As usual I will break most of the award rules

I would also like to thank star fish and the duck billed platypus for just being plain weird.  I would also like to thank the seagulls this morning as they argued outside my window next time super soaker 🙂

I would like to thank shafiqah1  for the Sensual Blogging Award now not an award I would thought would come my way, that’s not to say I’m not glad but I always thought it be most promising clown 🙂

I would like to thank willowdot21 and starscraper99 for the

and also once4always for the above award too

I would also like to thank Eric Morecambe and Tommy Cooper for the tears in my eyes in childhood

I would like to thank jhasmoments  and Willowdot21 for the Thanks for writing award

I would also like to thank Devendra Banhart for the strange quirky songs filling in the silence today.

I would like to thank Susan Daniels for the Kreativ Blogger award, for which I will break the last part of the rules.

  1. I have two pairs of identical jeans so that choosing is easier
  2. OK, what idiot not only names their brain but makes it a face book page 🙂
  3. My sense of humor starts with myself, then works outwards so that no one will escape
  4. I also love writing the odd joke or many 🙂
  5. Can’t spell but I can weave a sentence together
  6. I love comedy

I would also like to thank Bob Dylan for keeping me company , Steve Earle that hard core troubadour. Oh and Lassie for being annoyingly cute.

I would like to thank unfetteredbs , The White Punkin Light and  Williow21  for the

1.I will take android over IOS any day
2.I like badgers and hedgehogs, but I like them to be on the outside of the house
3.I talk to myself a lot, and sometimes even answer myself
4.I only drink tea when there’s no other choice
5. I don’t like seafood apart from COD and prawns, with chips or pasta
6. I’ve run out of things to say
7. Cornish Pasty’s I really like them to, and pork scratching’s

I would also like to thank Charlie Chaplin and bread rolls, cheese rolls, sausage rolls oh and MacDonald’s for closing for floor work ( really need a Big Mac now)

As usual the rest of the rules have been broken

I would like to thank darkestangelica for awarding me the Creative Chaos Award.

Three weird things about me:
1. I don’t own a television
2. When I buy scotch eggs I usually eat the egg first
3.I love the film “How to lose a guy in 10 day’s” I know, go figure

Sorry I haven’t the time to follow all the rules

I would like to thank Steve Martin for this as well, for no other reason than he was so funny in his early career. I would love to thank my dog poodles (I don’t have a dog) But I kind of stay away from them dogs. I would also like to thank my cigarette lighter, because without you I would not focus without my nicotine buzz. In that vein I would like to thank my morning coffee for keeping me company while I read all the brilliant stuff other bloggers have written, especially at 5.30 in the morning.

I would like to thank my morning walk for this without it I wouldn’t have half the ideas I do.
I would also like to thank my cat bubbles (I don’t have a cat) because cats are cool.

Seven things about me:
1. I prefer writing light verse rather than rhyming
2. I am addicted to pork scratching, darn those tasty critters
3. I come up with some damned silly ideas, then write about them
4. I am a bit geeky and love gadgets
5. Gadgets are so shiny
6. Did you hear the one about the Irishman coming out of the pub, no neither did I
7. I can’t live without my computer

I also thank Squirrels,  Sausages, Fridges and Badgers because of the fun I have had writing with them

I would like to thank jymiely for the following

and Susan L Daniels for another Reader Appreciation award, then there’s scooby doo who taught me loads about reality

I would like to thank Skippy the Kangaroo my ex wife (i don’t have an ex wife :)) my agent, my editor ( actually could do with one) The whole American nation because I forgot their names

  • Favorite color:   Blue
  • Favorite number:    4 and 23
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:    cold and hot coffee, lucozade
    Facebook or Twitter:   mainly facebook
  • My Passion:   light verse and computer repairs
  • Favourite Pattern:     plain
  • Favorite Day of the Week:     any day off work
  • Favorite Flower:    triffid

13 thoughts on “Not really about the Awards, more about thanking you”

  1. Hey, there, Ian–here’s another for you, as you are one of the top commentators on my blog–and a damned fun one, too! Just nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award–and you are very much appreciated!

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