I’ll remember it yesterday

Brian turned to Sam rising an eyebrow

“That’s the damnedest thing I have ever seen”

Sam knew that it defied belief, a door in the middle of the front room standing on its own
“It’s a door, a door but not just any door but our front door. Every last scratch and dimple identical”

Both stood staring at the replica of their front door, which was standing with a slight glow to it. Brian walked around it, while maintaining a queasy feeling like the one you get on a roller-coaster

“How is it just standing there, I mean I can see that the frame is holding the door. But what is holding the frame”

Said Brian while circling the door, like that would help explain its existence, just as the light around the door increased in brightness and the door itself began to open.

“Feck what do we do now, hand me that cheese knife Sam” winced Brian as the light started to hurt his eyes.

“What use is that going to be against a door?” said Sam as she handed him the knife”

Just as Brain had grasped the knife a man walked through the door dressed in a black leather long coat and matching jeans

To be continued


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