Life’s lessons

I was alone wolf hunting
Life’s lessons
Which you cannot have
Without breaking egg shells
Mixing in the uncomfortable heat
Gas mark 7, 20 hundred ticks
Served up to the uncomfortable silences
Then I am in the coffee shop
Shark hunting the window
Air seeping from gills
While strangers talk with banality
About the latest goal
While I hunt the notion of
Cans to open in the noon
An old life is a scar healed
Left in the dust of forgetfulness

9 thoughts on “Life’s lessons”

  1. I’m not sure I catch all the symbolism but the last two lines hold a lot of truth. “An old life is a scar healed, left in the dust of forgetfulness.” Yet not always. There are also beautiful memories.

  2. The wolves and the sharks. . . I appreciate how perfectly integrated these images (and their owners) are into this narrative.

      1. Hi Bruce,

        I am doing well. Sorry I have been absent for a time. It is wonderful to come back to your poetry (which I missed).

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