Stand tall men

I passed the stand tall man
tasting his arrogance
better to whistle to robins
than let metallic tongues
rust with his wake

I have sat with verbal talkers
who say so little at meaningless speed
while I listened to my heartbeat
mourning the loss of sense
retreating to pumping the long
trance of let this day be done

I have walked with the unemployed
the disowned and caretakers
of property, and each time
I ย roam with unease
yet let my ego adapt

I have watched the treacle men
travel wrong across life
and there woe
is always

our understanding of those that say

โ€œof course, I would do it betterโ€


13 thoughts on “Stand tall men”

  1. One more thing…..thank you for spending so much time on my blog today. You blessed my heart IMMENSELY!! It is always such a pleasure to see your brain hanging around. ๐Ÿ™‚ ((hugs!))

  2. what an interesting saunter; what an honest mono-thought-ing

    thank you for your voluminous visit today – sorry I was out and didn’t catch you (you quite spiked my statistics so much that WordPress sent me a little message that: ‘Your blog … appears to be getting more traffic than usual!’ and I can’t shke the feeling that that last little ‘!’ didn’t have a tinge of irony in it)

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