The Big Questions



The Big Questions

The other day
I was categorically thinking
the big questions
like do terrordactyls fly
or glide with style
needless to say
while washing the plates
and observing the bubbles
I came to no conclusion
as to this
the biggest of questions
that big men just donโ€™t ask

7 thoughts on “The Big Questions”

  1. It’s a question that’s the jurassic equivalent of “me need directions? phooey”. Also, like, get a dishwasher man. This will give you more time to generate audio bites like this one – sweet voice, Bruce.

      1. I have been having a break, playing the computer game diablo 3 for a while. After 3 years of posting almost every day I kind of needed a little time away to recharge ๐Ÿ˜€

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