The Grand Architect



If there was a non-religious God then I guess this would be the closest I would be pushed towards any kind of rational thought towards any deity. If I were to believe anything it would be that he is scowling and wondering when it will go right.

Why am I now discussing this well two things, firstly two Jehovah Witness’s came to the door the other day. Very pleasant people but I just won’t believe as they do neither will I convert to their thinking. Secondly such an event always gets me thinking especially when they make statements like

“Do you know what your purpose in life is?” This is a statement that they will probably not entirely know themselves, so what is the point in asking?

What is my purpose in life – well mostly I think it is to pass my DNA on and preserve the species as is the way of life on this planet for all species, Why should I believe my life to be any more important than a hive of bee’s or a set of badgers. The biggest difference is my ability to think freely. Something we would say is a basic human right and privilege.

I do however believe in Jesus but let me explain I believe him to be an historic figure A MAN who was preoccupied with one thing, that was the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven to this world. Clearly an event that never happened . It was meant to happen in his life time and must have been a bitter shock to discover that it would not. But some will say but there will be a second coming but again I do not think so, the church of the coming of heaven as it were, was given over to what is claimed to be Jesus brother James.

Needless to say I try not to get into any arguments with Jehovah Witness’s I have a respect that they as well as any have a strong faith that I just do not recognise in myself. But if one tries to convert me it is often then I will get quite vocal with my own personal views, one that believe is that solutions  are being wrapped around problems in the hope that they will fit. In this way I am closer to Freemasonry than any religious group, but I think Freemasons try to keep personal religious views to themselves and promote a more spiritual Grand Architect.

I will undoubtedly have more to say on this as I do a little research for my story of John Rutter who walks in to a world where it all changed on October 13th 1307, an event where the French royal family was rounded up instead, in a parallel paradoxical history of an this alternative world.


4 thoughts on “The Grand Architect”

  1. Interesting, Bruce. Is that the date that the Templars were murdered? That would be an interesting alternative universe! I don’t know much about Freemasonry, although my grandfather was 33rd degree Freemason. I still have his ring…But he died when I was three.

    1. Thanks, it was the date the french king had them rounded up. To be tortured for confessions, it marked the end mostly for the Templar order. But story’s and wild theory’s still go on to this day. I once thought about joining a lodge but the average age of the membership put me off. But I do enjoy reading their history.

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