1 Second World

1 Second World
The Rise of the Magdalene’s heir.

John Rutter stepped out of the front door for a smoke, blinked suddenly holding his breath and blinking again. The front garden was not how it was when he had last seen it, where there was grass now was covered in crazy paving with a center flower bed full of wild flowers. The colour drained from Johns face as he lit the cigarette, what had gone wrong in the simple act of walking out a door, had he finally gone mad with the world becoming very unreal.

Finishing his cigarette John pushed the key back into the lock of the front door and breathed a sigh of relief as the key turned in not his door. He cursed inside about his lack of understanding of quantum physics and how to explain the current situation he had found himself in. John thought he had really gone nuts or somehow a parallel world had come out of sync and two worlds had touched at the moment he stepped through the door. John would have to do some research on the internet to see what the logic and chances were.

Then has he got to his desk which again was different and much more expensive looking than the cheap desk he had left moments ago. John took a sharp intake of breath as he looked at the floating glass shelves, a row of books written by him stood in a line. This other me is a writer, in the genre of science fiction no less. How ironic and apt giving the current situation. But where was this other me did he cross over to replace me John thought.

John turned on the television to watch what was going on in this world as his head was starting to ache with the stress that he knew was probably about right, given what he was observing. The first program John switched to was the news presented by the Order of Veritas. Proclaiming how some Christians had been captured and were to be executed after a short trial. John passed out shortly after the announcement just barely taking in what was stated. The State had outlawed common religion here where the hell was he, Johns last thoughts as he drifted into darkness.


Page one (draft) more to follow as I write it.

Ever wondered what the world would be like in the New World Order, were the Order of the Illuminati are in the control and the police are the Knights Templar? will Magdalene’s heir rise and will John Rutter even survive the ordeals to follow. Who is the Green man? answers to follow as and when I can finish them.


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