If I look
into the storms calm
                           will it be
                           the calm I

                  Or will it rub
   at me as the nature
                             of sand
course to my finger tips
                         my toes

          Do you so wish
                               to fly
before you understand
     the nature of ground

where everything
           soon returns

              That much
       is the promise
   of the forward arrow

of time


5 thoughts on “Calm”

    1. To fly and crash to the ground is to understand, even the birds fall when they pass. 🙂 I needed some words to examine my feelings about a family member passing away. I didn’t really know him and I just feel sad for my mum and continually disconnected from what I should feel. Ho hum at least this blogs lives again 😀

      1. You should feel as you do. It’s hard when relationship should be something more but sadly they are not. Family … Sigh.
        I was happy to see this blog breathing again. You know I’m a fan

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