Where the sea eats the river

            Could I walk untidy
to the mouth of the river
  where the sea flows
                  and eats

    this ending
Could I look upon
    these eddies
    and tidal starts
       and not wonder

if the sea will
             always eat

              the river

10 thoughts on “Where the sea eats the river”

    1. Thanks for saying with this one I can’t tell if it is a happy one or if there is a hint of dark menace trickling through it

  1. Fantastic. Thank you. I love places where running water meets the sea, be it a large rivers emptying into an enormous estuary or a tiny stream losing itself in vastness of the ocean. Yum!

  2. This is wonderful. I love it. I am so thankful that you started following my blog because it enabled me to find yours. Thank you, Skye 😀

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