A Buzzards Secret Execution

I watch the weather
like any other creature
rolling out moving on
and I think
did I read that right?
did I miss something?

Where executing buzzard eggs
to protect pheasants
which will be shot
the rich applied for
a special licence

did I read that right?
did I miss something?

I was pondering why
with nature in decline
the heads of authority
reporting this
could be so behind

Oh now I see
a multi-millionaire
double standard!!

well we will be ok now
heaven forbid those nasty buzzards
should cause such strife

but hang on aren’t they endangered
aren’t we meant to encourage
native breeds

Well something needs to be shot
but it’s not the bird’s
special license on Politician’s?


12 thoughts on “A Buzzards Secret Execution”

  1. It does seem wrong to tick the ‘like’ box….well you know what I mean! It is a sad fact that money still speaks and stupidity seems to go with it. But we should have learnt by now that politicians never listen to anything other than their own voices.

      1. Mind you Bruce, I sometimes think that so called Conservationist are just as bad – they seem to take very selective views and abuse science to justify their latest fad! Sorry moan over

  2. We must be careful that our pursuit of money to buy houses does not destroy the house we seek. If we ruin our environment (e.g., “our house”) the money we attain becomes meaningless. I do hope that our politicians become wiser in the future.

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