Not so inspirational Friday quotes

I see alot of these internet inspirational quotes on facebook and blogs, so I thought it was my turn to make some. I guess I have never seen one that has actually inspired me so I thought I would make them more realistic.

Deal with it


When Life give you lemons
they say, make lemonade
But then you would not
test that throwing
arm, would you.
So make like a Banana

Please feel free to add you grown in the comment section.


8 thoughts on “Not so inspirational Friday quotes”

  1. Haha 🙂 To defend the inspirational quotes, there are some good ones out there which can help if you’re down, but yeah some of them are a bit cheeeeeesy 🙂 I like your versions, especially the buttercup one – sometimes a giggle is as good or better than an inspirational quote! x

  2. I love the buttercup one!! That’s one of those that would make a great fridge magnet, a useful reminder in case of waking up cheerful for some foolish reason! 😀

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