Life Snippets 21

Dub step dancing

So I tried dubstep
not unlike body popping
from my youth
old school
hip hop

in the morning
it hit me
like lightning up my leg
I’m not 25 anymore
Ouch, cramp

Poetry Clown

It is to
a poetry clown
flees to breathe
looking for the
and visual comedy

Out takes

Twatch gilly mog

What ?

twang dilly twan

take two

tas crap twas

take three

twas on the night
Smok break (oops)

My tongue is so tied I’ve invented a new knot


5 thoughts on “Life Snippets 21”

  1. loved poetry clown, keep smiling and keep writing, Baldy 🙂
    additional: I must be getting old, I have no idea what dubstepping is, assuming its a dance? hohowhat!

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