When the majority stand up…

You know in every way

that the world is wrong
fractured sense, that’s
what you’ve voted on

The minorities are
a shouting, but still
even the majority
of the minority
forget too soon

This is why war
goes on, injustice
is never addressed
even now in the
twenty first

But when the majority stands up…

…the minority reversed
change may occur

But be damned careful
what you wish for
civil violence on this
scale, will change
the world

whether you
are left in it
or you still
cling with death
breath to that
nice warm old chair

But then I won’t see
the majority stand up
in my life time

Will I ?


2 thoughts on “When the majority stand up…”

  1. … nope, you won’t; minorities stand up all the time, but other minorities make markets out of their standing up and sell them to the majority defining the reality that we all live in (oh, … weaving the very basket out of the strong reeds that stood up through the water that we all now call a ‘case’ (I’m sure only you will get this ‘joke’, Bruce) because there’s nothing else to float on the water with … )

    1. I can think of a few puns – like between a rock (tablet of law) and a hard case 🙂 strangely I find myself drawn up. I actually find the story of Moses of great interest, esp the ark of the covenant and Solomon’s Temple. Not sure if that is the joke you meant 🙂 But I think I know where your coming from.

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