Life Snippets 20


I have done an
and by my

I am owed
365 days
of happiness
and a better job
God, cough it up
an audit can’t be wrong

Just my luck

Having not taken
my own advice
I didn’t turn the phone off
worse, I picked it up
graveyard shift

Murphy’s law

Yes you
I’m caught
in your serendipity
but in reverse

yes you
Get thee gone
like Lucifer

Out to lunch

why am I not
out to lunch
or broken down
well, there’s still
remix and negotiation

Well there is always
bacon sandwiches
life’s much better
with those

7 thoughts on “Life Snippets 20”

    1. Thanks I was starting to worry that people were getting bored of them, But I really enjoy them 🙂 too

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