Jif File :D just a little morning fun

SO sorry to poke fun
But is this to be

a non animated jif file

Jif lemon 450x450_tcm72-304255


But then I could have sworn
It was Graphics Interchange Format
to be pronounced Jif makes
no sense

or should I now
call theses

Gaffa cakes



Should I start changing other things
like the C.A.B, instead of cab
should I now call them

Still a flipping good invention 🙂


inspired by


After years of calling it a Gif file, i’ll not change


3 thoughts on “Jif File :D just a little morning fun”

  1. I saw that reported…what the heck……I agree it’s a ‘G’ IF file not a ‘J’ IF file as in G for Graphics..or should that be no Jraphics?.not sure I could call jaffa cakes gaffa cakes though. Yum Yum

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