Life Snippets 9 & 10

Rubik cubes
Rubik cubes
have nothing in common
with common sense
if you pull off the stickers
it takes longer
to solve
use a screwdriver
it’s so much quicker
Old jokes
BnQ sign says
Now is the winter
of our
Discount tents
Dirty joke
Sorry I dropped it
in the garden
while I was writing
it today
When I was young
my Grandpa and Grandma (mothers side)
took me to church
I am still a little freaked
out about the whole
bread and wine thing
I always enjoy
Jehovah witness at my door
were not so different
neither will move on view point
I have Science they have 144,000
reasons for me
to stick with science

7 thoughts on “Life Snippets 9 & 10”

      1. I am too shy to have a charming argument lol My husband he is good, really good because he doesn’t argue he is just so calm and he has the most clear and concise way of explaining logic and a desire to understand so they always walk away questioning their beliefs

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