Life snippets 8

I Brain
Am I in my right mind
or my left
being up at
three in the morn
You can’t smoke
a pipe under a waterfall
neither can you
roll a ciggy
in a thunder storm
But that doesn’t stop
people trying
Life Snippets
In the writing
of witty moments
of my life
No memories where harmed, yet!
The Ex
They call her Jennifer
I call her Lucy-fer
it’s all just semantics in the end
Caveat emptor
Logos, abeo


6 thoughts on “Life snippets 8”

  1. “Lucy-fer” . Seriously how do you come up with such things? I kid you not, I write this with tears in my eyes. You are one of a kind Bruce. Brilliant poetry from a brilliant mind. Lol. A pleasure reading your works.Thank you.

    1. Thank you muchly, tis a joy to be entertaining mind you if it wasn’t I would not be here in the first place šŸ˜€

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