News just in. Life Snippets extra


News just in
The new designs of the Titanic II
life boats show them to be
state of the art
In the event that they are deployed
Their on board computer
will immediately turn on GPS locators
And broadcast the message to any ship/boat
in a 150 mile radius
‘oh bugger!, not again’
My solid state drive
is quicker
than your hard drive
The sticker states
Will be when its all
Microsoft Update
128 updates to go
your kidding right?
and which…
…hard drive did I
put all music
My life in progress bars
and again
I am waiting, for that
green bar to finish
progress hmm
not so sure


3 thoughts on “News just in. Life Snippets extra”

  1. I know what you mean, there always seems to be something to update. Still, I think we have made some progress since my first computer, a Commadore 64! It had 64kb of DRAM memory (which was big at the time) and plugged in to a TV. Software was loaded from a data cassette tape and stored the same way too. 🙂

      1. Yes, I started with a z81, but it didn’t work so it went back, and I saved to buy the C64 🙂 I plan to do an article or two on my nostalgia blog about old computers, like the C64 or the first Atari home console – they were unreliable too 🙂

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