Life Snippets 7

There was no
Life Snippets 7
So this is a filler
Once I was stuck
in a toilet after
the door handle
completely fell off
I called and I yelled
but no one was home
I weighed up the locks
And decided it would give
then gave it one huge
shoulder barge
well you might guess
the lock ended up
intact, dratted luck
It was the hinges
and half the door
that gave
English meadow garden
But but, I am in Wales
can I still call it that
with a straight face


6 thoughts on “Life Snippets 7”

  1. I got trapped in the bathroom of a small restaurant it was really embarrassing because everyone heard me calling for help, when they finally managed to get the door opened everyone was looking at me!

      1. That’s good you are pretty strong to take out the door, here in Sweden these old building have very formidable doors I personally could not force my way out with my own body lol

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