The devils may dare
you, to give in to his way
daredevils live short

Inspired by the theme at


9 thoughts on “Daredevils”

  1. How I survived my childhood I will never know! I have jumped off roofs, attempted to tight rope walk clothes lines, jumped out of moving cars, I’ve been thrown off ATVs gotten caught in the grating with my arms pinned way back and been dragged over gravel, slammed a racing go cart at top speed into a truck using my own arm to stop myself so I wouldn’t get decapitated, fallen down more flights of stairs than I can count and I have never needed stitches or broken a bone. I have also almost drowned 5 times and I was once set on fire when I was about 3 thank god I put myself out fast. I am just so incredibly grateful for whatever it is that keeps me alive and I have hardly any scars and they aren’t really even noticeable. I should have been a superhero when I was a kid but I was too uncoordinated lol

    1. I know what you mean, I have gained a few scars but nothing to major to date. had one major car accident in which the car was bent in half slightly but both parties walked away.

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