Book cover choice

I thought I would add an element of fun this time, so I have three covers I have been working on. A minor change in title and thought I would try a new font. So please leave honest comments and vote for your favorite cover.

Cover number one.

InKinetica Poetry Book Cover 2

Cover number Two.

InKinetica Poetry Book Cover 3

Cover number three.

InKinetica Poetry Book Cover 4

3 thoughts on “Book cover choice”

  1. For me, it’s a toss-up between #1 and #3. I love the idea expressed in both of construction, building, craft, especially combined with the implication of the title and the attention to craft that you show in your poems.
    If I had to choose, probably #1.

    1. Yep I have gone for #1 and I am currently working on the formatting of the back cover. Not forgetting the important bit the contents

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