Life snippets 5

Titanic II
I hope someone starts a blog
about the Titanic II
But it won’t be as riveting,
as I think we all know
we’ve learnt from that mistake
Monkey (II)
Windscreen wipers cost
more than £5
watching Monkeys rip off
somebody else’s
I was once voted
most likely person
to be behind bars
Luckily for me I’m
better at fixing computers
than pulling pints
Three witches with
three chairs came up to me
I said I love licking Wicca
the nurses are nice
but the food is lousy
I could never win
an argument with my Gran
until she remembered
to put her dentures
back in
My granddad used to say
that my casting out
should carry a public health warning
Having missed the whole
Canal once
Hook, Line and bait
were clearly not meant
to be bush sided
It wasn’t the fishing
I liked, it was the
catapult, he brought


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