Old Fridge Door

I would bring cup to your face,
With my hands clasp
To pin you with pause
With kisses not undue, nor unexpected
Bring please to your lips with harmony,
And celebrate our hearts chorus,
Of love notes
Passed to one another,
On the old fridge door

That old fridge would become
A thing of passion
That would infuse our joining
And when the door is opened
Loves light will come on
To light up the notes
Placed with care,
On the old fridge door

That white door
So clean and pure
But with ever so slight,
Smudge of tape
That held our passion notes
When we tore them off
So we could make love
On the old fridge door


I thought I would bring back my most popular post from my old Brain in a jar blog


13 thoughts on “Old Fridge Door”

  1. Holy crap. I don’t remember seeing this, but I love it. That is a might bit of wonderful language, Bruce, love the circular bits and the conclusion. Great rhythm… excellent poem, get it published dude!

    1. Funny you should say that but I am meant to be compiling my best poetry into a chapbook. Chap book mkIII after some disasters, well third time luck I guess. Thank you for the compliment Trent.

      1. its a pocket-sized booklet, hmm maybe that’s too old fashioned what I meant was one of these 50 page new fangled ebooks

      1. I’ve used Lulu and find them very good, looking at CreateSpace just now, I’m led to believe you don’t have to get a proof copy, so could save a little cash …

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