Lemon Spin off




Lemon lay in the basket alone, all the other fruits had long since been consumed, but his time had come and gone. He was sure he was meant to have been used up on pancake Tuesday but that had come and gone. In the following weeks there was this strange smell of pork rotting but no one came to consume lemon.

He wondered if he would meet the juicy ghost and the great grapefruit, in the grocery store he had learned the story of how the orange that was not, had arisen after three days and how coveted by the Tracer gas has gone to meet with the great Grapefruit father

Inspired by This post


4 thoughts on “Lemon Spin off”

  1. Well Bruce, I think the attribution of human characteristics to fruit is an up and coming field. I do find the concept of the One Fruit to be really interesting, something for other fruit to look up to. It’s the evolutionary flowpath.

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