Slight remix of Poe

Somewhat retouched and with transparent backgr...


At my door came a rap rap rapping
such a G thang with all the trapping
quite annoyed with this tapping
this tapping on my bedroom door

that I was a might bit seething
and a fiery was my breathing
that this Twat was at my door
jeans hung low with belt an all

so I decked him to the floor
that and nothing more

then there came a whimper bleeding
and my patience was thus receding
with no charity I was receiving
so it was that I unbelieving

decked him again to the floor
not getting up not ever more

with an old book of ol’ lore
I sized him up, well how tall
as he lay there a flapping
thought he was a nagging

a gurgling his rapping call
its Christmas nothing more

don’t wont songs of cheerful recall
Christmas I don’t open the door
to anything but lost amour
O’ to that fine mating call

I believe you got the picture
and you I do best wish ya
but if come around here any more
expect a nine iron or a four

nothing less nothing more



Because my last parody’s went down OK, I thought I would dust off this one

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