Seagull (in the style of Edgar Allan Poe-short version)


Twas on a night most dreary, my eyes sore and bleary
I pondered on my food’d plight, what would I eat on this night
while I nodded to this nagging, suddenly there came a flapping
as if someone in heightened spying, as I walked into pizza hut’s door
some thought quickly flit in replying, as I walked in the door
concentrating on nothing more

O’ chilly spring I remember not unlike last September
as I avoided that triangle’d warning that they left on the floor
quickly I over plotted, with what my pizza would be topped’d
on my shirt I flicked some ash -that shirt washed in Lenor
And so, such a maiden took my order, her name badge Eleanor
shameless me evermore

so I sat slightly creasing, now wishing that there was a curtain
waiting gladly for my meaty feast, in five minutes for I was certain
Then on my shoulder there came a tapping, the maiden gliding across the floor
I barely noticed her at first, as she came, a crossing the polished floor
Thinking of my feast, nothing more

Then disaster that no one could foresee, in came a bird a thieving entree
this devil creature crashing in through the pizza hut door
coming straight for me this beastly bird, once through the door
Brazen as brass it did steal from my feastly meal, all my pepperoni
Quaff’d and nevermore

And this Seagull white and shining, an me angrily pining
the bird still flapping and the maiden her foot a tapping
with me all a horror and the bird a crashing, across the floor
O’ such a ruckus as the devil is ejected, whence out the door
don’t come here – nevermore

As the last parody went down quite well I thought for NaPoWriMo I would dig this one out again 🙂 enjoy


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