the Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I have been nominated this award by Mark Redford


You will find Mark’s fine works at

I would recommend it, think of it as walking into an fine antiques shop full of wonderful items. There are so many you just cannot decide which one you like best and just end up popping back in a week to take in the sight again and again.

Now I have recently relocated from the fine lands of Somerset to Mid Wales, so I see Dragons a fair bit now – lots of flags and a pride of the nation. They even get on benches like this one.


There is also my favorite character in old English Lore, King Arthur Pendragon. Pendragon means Head Dragon and was Uther’s Title.

I was going to go further into this post but couldn’t find the story I once read about the dragons in battle, which is a shame as it was a great tale of old lore.

The rules are:

  • Display the Award Certificate – Done
  • Declare your award with a written post and link to whoever offered your award – done
  • Nominate further awards to deserving bloggers and let them know what you’ve done – hmm I will nominate myself that way the post is done ( he he )
  • Declare seven ‘dragons’ which you have learnt through direct experience – doh! could not find them all from past reading.

Oh well Go to Marks blog  read his fine words at you wont regret it.

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