The dream, a dream and whose dream?

lewis carroll caterpillar
To dream is to know, something other than reality

I have forgotten how to dream
                                    but that is not
                                       entirely true
                            it is an imbalance
                       of chemicals within
                        that holds me away
                                         in the night
                                         in REM
                                         that state
                        needed, required
                             for utmost rest
        The question
                    that big,
       “Then whose dream, am I in?” 
                                                    Am I
                                          a figment
                    of your dream, now
                              labelled ghost!
                                     That question,
                                      my dream
                    loose connections
                 rehydrated reasons
                   where, when, once
                       alone, in the day
                       the light of lone

I slow my outward
                   to a crawl,
     like a caterpillar
             the wise one
             the mad one
                      that one
     From that story
             a children’s
                         tale of
But I have forgotten
              how to dream
and in whose dream
                am I to know ?


18 thoughts on “The dream, a dream and whose dream?”

  1. I wish I could remember the name of the short story by Jorge Luis Borges where a man is dreaming and in the end discovers that he himself is a dream figure in someone else’s dream (he discovers this in a very memorable way). Your poem reminded me of that great story. . . now I have to find it and read it again. Excellent work as always, Bruce.

  2. I like this very much. It is something I told myself once: I’m part of …. dream. It’s a great sensation of free-ness… when I know I’m just playing a part in someone else’s dream. 🙂 You have said it very well.

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