Smallness Of Times

They say every man will lack perception
of what they hold, till it’s in evaporation
and then in to play is his expectation
shattered wantonly, in realisation

Gone the heyday of days lived in full
where in the times, drawn in quicken pull
as in a shop broken china, a mad bull
or pulling over eyes that of much wool

And so it is that man must live
with what smallness, his to give


6 thoughts on “Smallness Of Times”

  1. So, here’s the magic. I came to your blog… chose this poem (again) from among your recent posts, read it afresh, liked it (again)… and just as I was getting ready to comment, I noticed I have read it before (and liked it before)… So, here I am – enjoying this one, twice over (better second time round).

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