Why Today I am depressed with Freshly Pressed

Today I woke up fine I mean I am in a fairly good mood
and even the enormity of moving from England to Wales taken aside
I feel a little hard done by, by the crew that pick all the Freshly pressed content
so let me state it that I consider myself a half decent poet and spend a lot of time writing and posting the best poems I can create. The same as any other blogger, and in the words of the beetles ” Christ you know it ain’t easy, you know how hard it can be ”

I just don’t think we poets are getting a fair shot at this WordPress highlighting facility and I am sure it not maliciously intentional but hey I work as hard as any blogger for the quality of my posts
and I am dyslexic which means occasionally I don’t get the spelling right which is its own cross to bear bare.

so come on WordPress give us Poets more of a chance, though I will admit poetry has been in a little bit of an identity crisis for so long now. More people seem to write than actually read poetry, But when it came to writing it was once at the top of the literate chain. I will admit it is not everyone’s bag of reading but for some of us it is the highest most interesting form of reading we like to do. Sure we all love Le Clown, Speaker 7 and Fear No Weebles who’s humor has us hurting and crying with laughter and for sure we all love fact based blogs that teach us something useful.

But where O’ where is the poetry why so few entries get freshly pressed glory and as I press the older button again and a second time after no poetry no high form or free verse to be seen, not even a well written Haiku – it is very depressing and disappointing and sure I did write a short witty poem on my other blog but so disappointed am I that I thought I would expand my thoughts

Freshly Pressed

You did not have any poetry today
and I cannot tell you in any other way
my disappointment nor my diplomacy
is stretched in a view that the fallacy
That a condensed form of writing
with the urge of many fighting
for some good verse rhyme with reason
after all this is the Christmas season

So come on freshly pressed give us more chance
to be the ones doing the freshly pressed dance

It is about time we poets got a fairer shot as being FP’d as a way of promoting our efforts to keep this poetry beast alive and kicking in the face of the barrage of popular media like the TV and DVD entertainment, surely this is not an unreasonable request just a minor morning irritation so come on WordPress- Freshly Pressed Crew give us a chance

Freshly Pressed


14 thoughts on “Why Today I am depressed with Freshly Pressed”

  1. I got here off Twitter.
    couldn’t really comment, since I have little or no patience with Freshly Pressed; I just don’t pay attention.
    What criteria do they apply? I don’t know. Number of views? Number of followers? Buggered if I know. so that’s why I don’t bother with it.
    Here’s some small consolation for you. You do seem to get brownie points if you blog about some tragic life event. So idiots like me, blogging pretty much non-stop stupidity, fun, and laffs, don’t seem to get much of a look in either.
    I think we both need to post more photos of fluffy kittens. Those seem to work too;-)

    1. there are quite a few points to the criteria mostly pertaining to blogging in general rather than the poetry to be promoted

  2. Bruce,
    I don’t read a great deal of poets, but I do know that Anansi the Poet (http://anansithepoet.com/) was recently Freshly Pressed. I know it’s just one, and your point goes beyond that, but I did want to show that it is indeed possible…
    Happy holidays, my friend.
    Le Clown

    1. I hope not only is it possible but It could be more regular, so I am going to find some really good poetry at least once a week (time permitting) and tweet it to them and see what is possible

      1. oh thank you so much! so would you – i LOVE your work!
        i’m not looking to get ‘up there’ – if it happens, awesome, but what i would really like is to actually SEE some poets on there, open that page and get my mind blown.
        poetry is a big part of blogging – and i totally agree with you on this – just because it’s ‘reduced’ doesn’t mean it’s bad! quite the opposite in fact. less talk, more imagination.

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