Bottle tops and empty cans

Bottle tops and empty cans
are accumulating in the corner
one is fun – one is laughter – one is forgetful
they will all get names soon – as dust gathers
these tined garnets shine in their collective
anti social nature – But one is having fun
………………………..with words on a screen
-v-v-v-v____v-v-v-v playing with poetic inner voices
————————and styles are mixing

This —tormented—fun

ME plain and truly edging to madness




I cannot define, I’m gona end up in therapy
trying to explain an unedited half rhyme theory

G laddly

O rignal

N ever

E xpected

Riding on coffee stirs =====sugar=====fine – grained

Explaining that white tigers have no luck
in jungles proud hunting stroll looking for meat, and in formal
monkey boys laughing “You can’t get me tiger, you can’t climb”
The tiger sees that they are sniffing glue

let me wake in California where the sun shines loudest
where my accent and humour are my greatest asset

But no I am back to wake with bottle caps and empty cans

NOW is a time for swearing…




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