Sun moon

Sun moon
Up lighted
Deja vu ceiling
Fragmented moments
tunnel repeating
Hands on eyes Fingers in ears
I know the history of you
paper white writing
I’m not the picture of health I smoke too much
I don’t pretend otherwise that is how I go
occupying my presence in place, in time incognito
I know some dislike it when I evoke Prometheus
They don’t know historic mythology That flame That heat
That foundation still stood on, even today
I forget details of the dramas played out in such Greek play’s
And what of that Macedonian King and his voracious heel
Of Tristan, Isolde, Arthur and Guinevere of this tragic pairings We still speak
Sol Invictus burning aeons known power the unquenchable fire
its constant being one thing all must share and it’s opposite our moon
One day this blue marble we call home we call planet will cease to spin



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