The Road (In Reply)

It is true, it’s not the roads, nor dusty track
That matter more, when they bring you back
But the paths you take while you’re on your way
And the thoughts in your mind,
That have their say

The circle of life has beginning and end
Alpha and omega of things to mend
In the middle things could offend
If of your heart bidden,
You would not tend

It is true, that things can get you down, when the points undone
That such set backs are a challenge to over come
But still hurt deep inside, after all we are only human
So with anticipated optimism,
We shall see soon

On my horizon things are unclear
As good friends dwindle, it is my fear
That the end comes near,
As my life is weir

New things come now, never so fey
Not white nor black, just shades of grey
I leave my times to this remit,
And to all is kismet


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