Lemonade Serenade Documentaries

Lemonade serenade docile in taking
Ecstasy what happy faced pill
Washed down with liquor.

Flashback city walls seen from space
But twice the distance from orange
Walls falling in a German block

East and West meet in capitalist
Gain of commerce, parties improve
In lemonade serenade documentaries
Taking new youth in its dead dog caress.

Lucy in a sky diamond’d, would be proud
Of its song made famous by a news report
Or two, children die in this party mood.

Hospitals and mothers issue warnings
But it won’t alter attitudes. studies
Are taken into risk of consuming.

Bliss is pedaled daily to youth
Willing to throw it away.
No hero in can stop this
Techno beat from playing.

But beware the Police may attend
The party rather than the funeral
Which all parents dread, but you
Can never tell the youth what is wise.

So look to these Lemonade Serenade Documentaries
As a prelude of moments distorted and they
Say it leads to harder things.



2 thoughts on “Lemonade Serenade Documentaries”

  1. Reblogged this on shafiqah1 and commented:
    I love this poem, I started off saying WTF is this poem about? And then my brain caught up to the words. Aah, drugs, teens, the media, the misrepresentation and co-opting destruction deliberately provided to the younger generation to “excite” them.However, the real intent is to stymie rebellion and discontent, the sort that makes societal change. #Agreed!

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