Twisted Evol and backward ETAH

I had EVOL it was backward and demented
So I must look for ETAH to have it returned.
How can these twisted things be mine?
Again I am me hanging by my feet.

Oh merriment and consuming of spirits
Have tilted me away from my tasks.
Kaleidoscope vision stains gelidity
Girls left to my merriment, I falter
Fallen in the fates of angels in history.

If Gabriel’s list has me marked, let her come
And collect what cares are left for me.
But strengths will come and changes
Are always tumbling on.

I hear STRAH in their back beats
Recoiling in recognition of failures
Battered and broken on the walls
That girl’s put up.

But that which shines from all others
Will be drawn to examine the totality
Of personality’s that as magnet are.

My inner Magi is ready now and energies
No longer wane insipid and stilled.
Come come!

I am ready, forever take my SDNAH


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