I ponder

I ponder on the word, Support
as I mull over the last days
sentences, Each one precise
and cleverly thought out
nit picking, each one a trap
designed for one reason
how close support is to punishment
I’m now so tired I set off every trap
after listening to a sentence repeated
documented and double signed
and later I realise I won’t return
to old duties by my own choice too
and how much less stressful it is
to let it drop and slide from my mind
I wonder too is my place there done
and slowly drifting out the door
or can I be engaged and compelled
renewed reenergised not resigning
like I threatened, I ponder
but do not conclude


6 thoughts on “I ponder”

    1. Well I don’t repair the computers and more but in the same way I don’t get shouted at by customers anymore either 🙂 so less stressful

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