my problems have spun
so fast lately that they
have gained mass like water
and if I am not careful
I will step over the event horizon
on which I now stand
and be dragged to the bottom
where all my problems will come
crashing down in waves
,droplets, vicious and vicarious
as a victim of my own stupidity
a stereotypical helter skelter
I did build without reading
the safety manual at all
leaving the ends of nails
protruding and getting
cut every time I ride
dressed as a clown
only increasing the
absurdity of it all
slap stick shoes
and war paint now smeared
Flap, Flap, Flap
go 2003’s addictions
as they take another ride
from the top
as new cuts are
formed on all the old
wounds I am trying to seal
Honk, Honk is my last response
the horn of humor  in its last
defense calling out to a hand
of another I adore




4 thoughts on “Problems”

  1. slowly, oh so slowly
    with pliers and crowbar
    this dangerous helterskelter
    deconstructed safely
    sharp nails removed
    as I take your hand
    and help you stand
    all dizzy from the spinning
    gently removing clownish garb
    slapstick shoes slid off
    I wrap you up in softest fleece
    while tenderly wiping
    clean your face
    of masking paints
    and looking in your eyes
    and every wound
    will be touched
    and soothed
    with healing balm
    and every pain
    will be removed
    and replaced with love

    stay back from the edge, my love, I will catch you

    1. Wow now that is a comment I will have to try and write some thing funny soon and lift the whole mood of this blog lately

      1. why force yourself? don’t wear a mask… whatever has to come out better comes out. even though a lot more serious, your work is still amazing. stay true to yourself.
        i hope you will find a solution soon.

      2. Sorry got a bit carried away with that comment … might have been better just posting it on my own blog! Write something funny only if you feel it, hun, cos a wise man said to me ‘don’t force it’ and I’ll give those wise words back to you. Write as you feel and we will read xxx

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