Disobedience and Defiance

“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”

T.S. Eliot. The Hollow Men

Oh alpha and omega, if you are.
How so you treat this creature cruelly
with tempers alighted and a flamed.
But what you lit with one hand
Nature’s time extinguishes with the other.

Now so blood weary and hardened
with your words ringing false in my ear.
But still I stand firm and steadfast
in your sight and defy, till my fading breath
is lastly drawn and gladly lifted.

Oh alpha and omega, if you are.
Would you seek my mastering?
As you wash me down, with times tide.
I pebble will be eroded no more,
seeking to escape the shores of imprisonment.

Disobediences and defiance are my names,
worn concealed but true, enslaved to tarried
wondering with intelligentsia and force majeure
of will, but caught on strings I would unthread,
all my thoughts ignorance would be better.

Who are you that has encouraged me so,
as I wade through unwanted phases of battles,
not of my design. Leaden am I hazed my sight,
would fail whence cast to your light.
You are blind. You are Samuel. You are mad.

“I shout but it falls on never hearing ears, forever


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