Cast to Kerberos

This sterilised morn would have me beleaguered
Before my time is called. Such hope is disregarded
before the Thanes of man command,
promoting their coming of tides.

But these facts are but a brief genesis,
Of belief born out of servitude.
Would such optimism be provoked?
When cast to Kerberos. Tested and found wanting
Not for a blessing his jaws will their meal.

So freshen up strength that kyklopes sees with
A dualism to miss existence.
Mount Olympus is beyond all abilities to conquer
Surely it is sentence to pry with sight, such sights
Are truly beyond this human’d condition.

Investing now in sparks before bankruptcy,
To entwine kismets sweet language.
In lyrical speech this snake, would have his way
And Hades would seek to beat the traveller.
No ubermensch are we, always born naked.

Service the armour and sharpen the sword,
Stand firm this is terra, Gaia looks after her own.



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