O’ my beauty’d flutterbye

O’ my beauty’d flutterbye
Who is abroad. I am sending you a gift.
My words guided and delivered.
Guilt’d in gold and awaiting your lightly touch.
Hold them still. Hold the gentle.

Touch careful O’ flutterbye.
Such warmth it would bring and caught
indeed would you be, But not by me
in such light that I couldn’t muster.

O’ my beauty’d flutterbye
My light is not want to sear,
fragile’d wings on wounded flight.
Evoke such words in passion
of keyboards incessantly clicking.
Evoke the language of your insight.
Evoke all with these words tumbling,
down Alice’s tunnel.

Alas! Alas your sweetly scent
is abroad and afar. How its future
wafting drifts hither to and haunting.
It is dashed left hopeless, but still
your desire may yet be obtained.

Think of me oft’ this flamboyant fool.
Who is a want for better passion’s in the night.
He who is hollow and waiting,
For a sweetly scent to bring its fill,
To a befriended Jester.



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