Social Engineering

I plug in to your mind and alter
Your thoughts
I have multi tasked
Advice to make you
A better person –




I have removed several
That would make you sin
And added
10, 000 lines of code
To balance your emotion.

This is more efficient than
The doctors past
Who issue pills and psyche reports.

Of course there is no crazy
Anymore it has been deleted
From the human condition.

No madness could ever escape
Its final asylum
Electronically caught and examined
In A.I.

But now you are a robot
And big brother
Is listening to you
And your mind cannot be
Switched off.

The mind police
Know where you are
And they will
Any digression recoded

This is your final state
Cyborg breathing
Electro dreaming


Social Engineering



3 thoughts on “Social Engineering”

  1. I’m telling you, these dystopian robots are gonna eat us one day. This is 1984 wrapped in Blade Runner, which is pure great. Geez, almost shudder to think what was going through your head in 2005. Me, I was just outta school in my first job, mostly a dummy more than anything else, as if that has changed…

    1. Mostly whiskey in 2005 and salt air, living by the sea I was a dummy in 1989 YTS back then wow that was so long ago. How old are you now?

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