Plasticine people

Plasticine people
So easily moulded
So easily controlled
Just want to be like some star
That they admire

Becoming lost to themselves
Electric moments of apatite
Motions of clones
So much the same
Society’s robots

So easily slaved
Who cares for the star
When their fame has gone

Plasticine people
Following false messiahs
With untrue hope
So easily bewilder
So easily tricked

So steeped in society
They can never be released

Face plastic masks
Concealing the fact
That there in nothing
In side these people
Blanks on a sidewalk
Holes from a sheet
Of paper pulped
And security shredded




9 thoughts on “Plasticine people”

  1. That is great stuff. Scary, cold, unfortunately honest. Similar to other comment, I heard a song too, but more Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead, maybe coupled with the video for Radiohead’s Just. Which is quite a combo.

    1. it really is when people cant be themselves and mold themselves as reflections of others, I may even have been a bit guilty of it in the past, but know I am just me

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